A God Among Insects (2003)

humanflyagai_NEWA God Among Insects is our first album.

It was recorded by Shaun Lowe @ Prism Studios, Stoke-on-Trent between the 24th-27th November 2003 and was released on the now expired Calculated Risk Products as a 3″ CD in the summer of 2004 by Martin Ives.

We chose to record at Prism as we liked some the records that Shaun had done, specifically Movimenti il Futuro by the now defunct Future Adventures, and even more specifically because of the awesome drum sound he captured on there. It turns out that the drums were recorded separately to the rest of the instruments, hence why they sounded as big as they did. We didn’t know this until we got there. We were recording completely live, hence the lack of a big drum sound. Listening to them now, these songs wouldn’t have sounded right had the drums sounded ‘roomy’ so I suppose it worked out for the best…maybe.
Everything was recorded live and in the same room over a two day period, usually within one or two takes. Extra tracking for the guitars and vocals were added on the third day and the mixing was done on the day after.

Having never played there, we didn’t actually know anybody in Stoke and therefore had nowhere to stay, though Shaun was kind enough to let us sleep on the floor in the lounge which was situated above the studio’s live room. I remember it being freezing in there on an evening despite us having cranked the tiny heater up to full. I’m pretty sure that Shaun no longer records in that building and has since moved into a larger space elsewhere in the town.

The album came out on a label which was run by Martin Ives called Calculated Risk. Martin was someone who had seen us play at an all dayer in London and who had just released ‘Breaking the Forth Wall’ by the band Beecher, who we had known for some time from sharing bills together, and who was interested in making our record his second release. If memory serves me correctly the album came out in the summer of 2004, or thereabouts. We had plans for the sleeve to have embossed silver lettering and a few other eye catching features, but in the end this proved to be too expensive. On the flip side to this we were able to have it put out on a 3″, which, unbeknownst to us aren’t friendly to front loading CD players which are commonly used in cars and laptops. Whoops.

The 3D artwork was put together by John and our friend Alastair Moore, with the photography on the inside of the booklet being done by Mat at his house.

There were also plans for this to come out as a 10″ vinyl with embossed silver lettering but this never came to fruition. I’ve often thought of having this pressed up on vinyl at some point in the future and self releasing it, though I really can’t see it being an option anytime in the near future due to costs.


Mat & Andy recording ‘A God Among insects’ at Prism Studios.


Afterwards we did our first tour in November 2004 in the UK. My then house mate at the time drove us around in an old postal van which we borrowed from James from Kill Yourself/That Fucking Tank. Before we even left Leeds we’d knackered the side door, and two days later we drove it into a low hanging ceiling whilst entering The Bullring in Birmingham, scraping plastic from the roof of the van and creating a hole where a water sprinkler broke through and came in. Thankfully it didn’t go off and the van still ran fine.

Tagged onto the tail of this album is an unreleased demo version of ‘Cum to My Techno Party’ which was recorded by Mark Simms in the downstairs room @ Hall Place, Leeds on 11th November 2002. It was recorded along with two other songs (one of which was never released and was barely played live) as part of the ‘Death by Umbongo’ session for a split 7″ w/ Kill Yourself which came out on Obscene Baby Auction/Decavity Records in 2003. Death by Umbongo is available as a free download here: obscenebabyauction.bandcamp.com/album/lot-003-humanfly-kill-yourself-split-7-inch

The CD is now out of print, but it is available to download at: http://humanfly.bandcamp.com/album/a-god-among-insects

We hope you enjoy this.

Thanks to the following people for their generous support and contributions:

Martin Ives, Paul Steere, Andrew Swift, Aisha Ali-Sutcliffe, Jen Chubb, Lucy Canter, Joe Mask, Ed Godby & Dave Hopkinson, Dom Claire, Mark Swinney, Shaun Lowe, Owen Packard, Paul Priest and the brother Andy ‘The Madness’ Baldwin (RIP).

Your contributions to this band have been greatly appreciated. Thank you.
John Sutcliffe – Vocals and Guitar (drums on track 5)
Andy Sutcliffe – Guitar (vocals on track 5)
Dave Jones – Drums
Mat Dale – Bass

Recorded by Shaun Lowe @ Prism Studios, Stoke-on-Trent, November 24th-27th 2003.

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