Awesome Science (2013)

6e6b93fa15fa22dc40f055f007e6a1060de8b35eOur fourth album, Awesome Science, came out in March 2013 and was released as a limited double gatefold vinyl (300 copies), digital download and CD through Brew Records.

Recording was done at Cottage Road Studios in Leeds, UK with Andy Hawkins during March 2012.

We had initially demoed the album with our good friend Ben Gardener at our rehearsal space in Leeds. The demo consisted of five of the six songs that appear on the album, with the track Poetry of Light being unfinished at the time of demoing. As a result we had no idea how the song would work when recorded as we only had rehearsal videos of the song as a reference. After recording the first take of the song at Cottage Road Studios, Hawkins advised that we change the main riff, which at the time sounded very west African, and simplify it to better fit around the bass and drum parts. Andy had to think on his feet and rework it for the next take, the results of which are what you hear on the album.

Most of the songs were done in just a few takes and the majority of the music was recorded live within a three day period. Vocals were added after the music had been laid down.

The album, like the ones previous to it, was recorded entirely live, with the four of us in the same room playing together. I think this acts as a testament as to how tight the songs and playing were at the point of recording.

During recording our friend Jez Walshaw came down to shoot some footage of us in the studio. Parts one and two of the studio diary can be found here:

2012 Studio Video Diary Part 1…

2012 Studio Video Diary Part 2…

Limited 2x gatefold vinyl, CD & Digital download available here:

Dave & Mat recording @ Cottage Road Studios, Leeds.

Dave & Mat at Cottage Road Studios, Leeds.

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