Darker Later (2010)

Our third album, Darker Later, came out in 2010 on the Leeds’ based label Brew Records.

We recorded this album in June 2009, again, utilising the recording powers of the brother Ben Gardener . This was done at our then rehearsal room on Silver Street, Leeds, which is situated in a pretty grim, industrial part of the city, full of disused warehouses and factories. The room we recorded in was part of a complex of units which are old to the point of almost collapsing and which are still in desperate need of being pulled down. How they are still standing baffles me. The winters were freezing and the summers were only marginally better. I have memories of us rehearsing wearing jackets and scarfs in there at points during the colder seasons. Thankfully we’re no longer there, but I digress…

As with ‘II’, we made a demo of these songs a few months before recording in order for us to get our heads around how they sounded and to view them from a different perspective, and again very little was changed from how they appear on the album.


Recording Darker Later @ our old Silver Street Rehearsal Room, Leeds.














In accordance with tradition, we recorded everything live and did so within only a few hours. Mics were set up and the songs were captured exactly as we rehearsed them and as we would play them live. Only vocals and a few additional guitar parts were done at a later date, including the music for the title track ‘Darker Later’, which was recorded on the stairs at Ben’s house.

Capping the album is the track ‘Heavy Black Snow’, which was recorded about a year before the album session took place and which features the awesome vocal talents of Rose Kemp. A mutual friend of ours suggested we record a collaboration track together for a compilation he was putting together and both parties agreed to it. We wrote the song in three sections, with the middle part being mostly improvised as the tape was rolling, and then sent it to Rose to add her parts. We had no idea what she had in mind but we were beyond chuffed when we heard what she sent back. Her contribution to this track is outstanding.

The track was released on the comp and we all loved it, so much so that it seemed a waste for it not to be on the album. We spoke to Rose and decided to re-do some of the vocal parts which weren’t as audible on the initial version and added some additional guitar parts.

Buy the CD, or download and stream Darker Later athttps://humanfly.bandcamp.com/album/darker-later

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