Humanfly/Kill Yourself 7″ (2002)


The Humanfly/Kill Yourself split 7″ was our first release and came out on Obscene Baby Auction/Decavity records, as a split label release in February 2003.
When we first started as a band, much of our material was heavily inspired by 70’s rock and psychedelia, though this release marked a change in direction away from that. We’d recently started to acknowledge other influences, mainly contemporary bands from Europe, some of whom we ended up playing alongside, and this helped greatly in molding the direction we ended up moving towards. This is particularly evident on our first album release, A God Among Insects, which we recorded a year later. This 7″ acts as a nice document of where that shift first developed.
We recorded the song, along with three others (one being the demo version of Cum to My Techno Party, which can be found as a hidden track on the digital version of A God Among Insects-available on Bandcamp) at Hall Place Studios, Leeds, in their ground floor rehearsal room with Mark Simms on 11th November 2002. This was the same room we later used to record ‘II’ in 2005.
Mark played drums in Brown Owl, and had earlier been the bassist for Bob Tilton. The drum kit used on this was acquired from a friend for £60 and the heads hadn’t been changed in about 10 years.
I remember having to flip the rack tom upside down because the batter head was so unusable. Nevertheless, we were happy with how this came out.
Besides Death by Umbongo and Cum to My Techno Party, the other two songs were never released. Maybe we’ll put them up on Bandcamp at some point in the future for people to hear but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
The release was limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and came in a plastic sleeve with two inserts containing the recording/song info.
Here’s some further information from the Obscene Baby Auction records webpage:

‘Humanfly went through some stylistic oscillations in their first year or so. Their previous band Canvas were probably the most terrifying band I’d ever seen; playing absolutely demented experimental hardcore that embraced every influence each member had come into contact with. Humanfly’s early shows were in contrast very easy to deal with in that they played psychedelic, strung-out stonerish rock, eight-minute epics and Black Sabbath covers. After a few months though things started to speed up and shorten down until they were a tight as fuck explosive hardcore riff-spewing machine along the lines of JR Ewing. This era is captured on their first album and the split with Kill Yourself. Following these releases Humanfly returned to their psychedelic-epic roots but with an added weight, competency and volume that makes them a pummeling live experience.

Humanfly have released two albums and toured Spain and Portugal a couple of times tending to play larger gigs and festivals in Leeds when they come along.

‘LOT 003’ – Humanfly/Kill Yourself split Format: 7-inch black vinyl, with two inserts Band(s): Humanfly (Leeds), Kill Yourself (Leeds) Release date: Feb 2003 Run: 300 copies Notes: ‘This release was a joint effort between us and ‘Decavity’; a record label formed by a young guy called Stuart who had originally got in touch asking to do work experience or shadowing at Obscene Baby Auction. When I explained to him what a small operation we were and that the best way to learn how to put out a record would be to do one, we agreed to split the effort and the cost and put a 7-inch out together. The Kill Yourself songs were left over from the original recording sessions done in Stoke about a year earlier but we chose songs we still played live. Humanfly had started as a kind of psychedelic space-rock band but were playing fast hardcore a bit like JR Ewing at that time. Later they returned to the slow heavy sound they’d begun with but I always preferred watching Dave the ridiculously ace drummer go fast and really like the song on this seven inch. The artwork for this release was a bit confused which is unfortunate given that part of the division of responsibility between OBA and Decavity was that we’d do the artwork! It has really nice drawings by James’ girlfriend Jessica Thomas but these are relegated to two inserts and the label prints. The cover, which was a cheap fold-over thing was done in a rush and the collage/cut-and-paste feel didn’t really come out well in the print. Still it’s a decent enough record and I often wonder whether there’s a huge stack of them gathering dust somewhere as I don’t think Stuart did much with Decavity following his experience with OBA.’ – Andy Abbott, Obscene Baby Auction.


Humanfly track recorded by Mark Simms @ Hall Place Studios, Leeds on 11th November 2002. 
John Sutcliffe – Guitar/Vocals
Andy Sutcliffe – Guitar
Mat Dale – Bass
Dave Jones – Drums
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