Humanfly/Queen of Swords (2008)


The Humanfly/Queen of Swords 12″ came out on Eyes of Sound in 2008 and contains two tracks of ours: Marakech & An Intimate Battering.

We had written these two songs shortly after completing ‘II’, and recorded them in one afternoon at our then rehearsal space on Silver Street, Leeds with Ben Gardner. The session was done very quickly, with all of the music being done on the day and vocals being added at a later date at Ben’s house, where he mixed all of his recordings.

Shortly after recording the tracks, Dave Adelson from 20 Buck Spin in Oylmpia, WA, contacted us about releasing ‘II’ on CD in the U.S., which we were more than happy to do. As a bonus, the two tracks we had recorded for the split w/ Queen of Swords would be included on the end of the CD release, which I believe came out shortly before the intended release on Eyes of Sound.

The split vinyl was limited to 300 copies and came in a very nice textured card sleeve with artwork by awesome Liam Sparkes.  Unfortunately this is now out of print, but you can download & stream the tracks at:


Recording Marakech & An Intimate Battering @ our then rehearsal space on Silver Street, Leeds. 15th July 2007

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