Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios (2010)


Humanfly Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios was recorded by Miti Adhikari @ BBC Maida Vale Studios (Studio 4) for Dan Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show on the 12th November 2010.

We were at rehearsal one night and received a text from Simon at Brew Records telling us that Dan was going to be playing a track from Darker Later (which was our new album at the time) on his radio show that evening.

We text back, obviously excited, and cheekily asked if we might be able to record a session at Maida Vale for his show. Two days later we received a message saying that we were booked in for the following week.

A week later we headed down to Maida Vale with Simon and Tom from Brew Records. On the way down we got a flat tire followed by the sat nav breaking. After driving around Maida Vale for a while we ended up at the studio forty five minutes later than expected. We met Miti Adhikari, who was engineering/recording the session, and set up in Studio 4.

The session took about two hours to set up and roughly three hours to record everything. The songs were done in the order in which they appear on the recording with everything being done live, including the vocals.

A Passage to Reykjavik/The Enemy of My Enemy is Me were played back to back and were recorded in one take. We’d been told we could record three tracks for the session but decided that if we played these two back to back that we might get away with recording four without anyone really noticing, which is what happened. Everything was else we recorded was done in two takes, if I remember correctly.


Mat Dale @ Maida Vale Studio 4, London, 12th November 2010.














Recording at the studio with Miti was a huge high point for us and still stands as one of my favorite memories of doing this band.

The history of the studio, and the people who have recorded there is mind blowing. Everyone from The Beatles to Beyonce, and Pink Floyd to Nirvana.

The recording can be streamed here:

Click here to read a great article written on Miti just before his retirement from the studio in 2013.

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